Saturday, October 11, 2008

The days yesterdays were soothened dreams
that fluttered and swung on the
flower laden swings of sweetest
hopes and enlightening wishes.

The days yesterdays were petals blooming
to sing aloud the joyous tunes
of love, lust and anger
that twinkled with laughter like
the many ripples on a puddle of emotions

The days yesterdays were the pages of a book
kept for scribbling down memories
that swayed and flashed and for some which stayed engraved
to be re-read and remembered while
passing through the unwindening turns
in the never ending road of the journey of life...

The days yesterdays,
often had promises kept untold and secrets shared
with a foam of soothness that
lathered on the layer of happiness, love, friendship and care...

The days yesterdays,
will have pencil marks that may be erased off
in the deeper course of the journey,
and engravings that would
remain bold in the depths of expectations and remembrances....


Gautham S Nair said...

Keep going pie , I loved it..

Winnie Panicker said...

thnk u snoopss


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