Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I was just taking a stroll through the corner of my mind with my friend Gautham and came across some ideas that I wanted to think more about and would like you to think about too. After reading this post, I would like you to sit back and find the answer to a question I would ask at the end.

“Our mind is a unique combination of thoughts, feelings, facts, interpretations, imagination, creations, innovativeness, tactics, ideas and a wide range of similar aspects. These aspects when looked closer fall under the genre of ‘invisible features’ that are present in our day to day life. The mind is in a way an ‘invisible being’ that lives with us. The decisions that we make are the processed results of the minds activity. It conditions itself to certain tactics and rules from the very beginning of our growing period. A person behaves in a particular way in a particular situation by applying the various rules the mind has kept set. Sometimes mistakes are committed knowingly. In such a case, the mind warns the individual that it is doing a mistake, yet the person indulges himself/herself in the act. In a way, the mind is the machine that is capable of solving the problem it creates in the most apt way. Once it realises the mistake, if one takes an effort to correct it or at the least regret, the act would be ‘forgiven’ by one’s self. That is the self defence that the mind gives to its owner.

Ones identity depends on the way he/she portrays himself/herself in the milieu of others. An individual who has complete control of mind would never have an identity crisis within himself/herself. It is most important for one to be true to the self. At the end of a day when you lie down on your bed, ask your conscience who you are. If the acts that you did in the short span of your life suddenly stand out as thorns that would hurt your mind’s ethics, then you should help exercise yourself to redefine/explain yourself in the court of your mind. The answer to who you are is there only within yourself. As long as your mind is able to sustain and keep up with its ethics, I would say, you have complete control of yourself.
In a situation where all the norms of the mind are violated, (unknowingly in the beginning and knowingly towards the end), the self of the person begins to weaken. It is a state when a human mind that was once a palette with the many ingredients in life starts to become null and void and in the end lose its self consciousness. The question as to who you are when asked to a person in such a situation would be answered in such a way that the mind has tuned itself to act in ways against its own ethics. I believe this is a particular situation where one loses his/her identity and conscience, resulting in a state where the negative aspects that creep into the mind overtake the normal state of mind. One should be successful in his/her life by being able to revert to the right conscience.

Now that you have read this post, I would like you to sit back and ask your conscience the question- ‘Who you are’. If you are able to come out with an answer that is true to yourself, then I believe You are so far a successful human being.”

Monday, July 6, 2009

The silhouette faded sleek and elegant
Against the dark milieu of hidden reality
The figures of the shadow outlined meek
Stripes that formed shapes of knots and loops.
When my eyes are closed, my vision sees
Those lines again, shaping and reforming
Into shapes most unfamiliar
Blending itself to the depth of
A sober tune of a plaintive song
That is flowing in the arena
And thoughts, pale, white and pastel
Took a stroll through my minds avenue.
In the depths of myself a sudden gush of emptiness
Filled in when those shadows started to strangle
And even now against the dark milieu of hidden reality
Fakeness that is hidden under the hands of the
Creepy, pale, fearful, sober reality,

Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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