Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rage through a dark room
I can hear some noises of thundering blasts
Bombing the same species into unidentifiable blocks of flesh
I can’t keep my eyes open at this atrocity

Mourning and crying of human evolutions
Caused just by us ourselves…
The world has become so vigorous and turbulent
It seems as though it is quaking every second

I am watching through a broken window pane
I can see streams of red blood
Flowing through the cracks in front of me
But beyond the glass pane,

I can visualize some sort of paradise
I can see a melodious river flowing…
She wrinkles and says that “I am crying”
She doesn’t want to live anymore

Every second there seems to be a bomb storm
And we the same species are put prey to see it…
To see our own siblings die of unbearable pain
God, when will mother earth be free from these pains?

I believe it’s already time up
For we do not deserve to be alive in this cruel world
A world with growling hands ready to plunge into our flesh
We don’t deserve the earth anymore…punish us Lord! Punish us!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

There lay an old inn..
Alone and silent in the lonely lawn.
The windows n doors were smashed. . .
Smashed like broken dreams and hopes..

There lived a small family. . . Two months back. . .
Dad, mom n child
Their kid was a darling. . .
They lived selling fruits in the place. . .

And they were happy with what they gained.
They had a dream to make their child..
A world famous musician. . ..
Some one the whole world would admire. . .

But there came the "thunders". . ...
The destroyers of their life. . .
The war and the disasters. . ..
Oh No!!!. . took their child along. . ..

Grief stricken mom n dad. . .
Left their home. . ..with their child's memories. . .
Smashed. . ..into pieces. . ..
Smashed like broken dreams n hopes. . ..

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