Friday, March 6, 2009

Lights fell on the soothened glass floor,
Blue shades went glimmering on and off
Along with the notes of the piano playing…
The dim light poised in the dark a seep through reflection
of the drums, the saxo, the guitar and violin…

In the centre of the room,
Sat two souls, embellished in the music,
Breath-tight with emotions
Affront them danced images
Black, red, yellow and often white…

Memories past in front,
Their hands held tight,
A longing to hold on for long
A phase in life, faced
Left explained and understood

Those colors mixed tear and smile
And gave a cocktail emotion of
Departure, distance, challenges and newness
The many happy days of laughter, sorrow, smiles and cries…
A look ahead into life

Emotions beat hard against the way
Life should go,
And they still sat hands held
Eye watered and smiling
As the music blue red, yellow and often white,
Danced the many tunes in front of them…

Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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