Friday, August 31, 2007

ORE KADAL was a film that I longed to see from the very beginning of its shooting schedule. After a melodious and beautiful film Akale by ShyamPrasad, this was one film I was waiting for. Orekadal is a story that revolves around 4 main people namely Deepthi (Meera Jasmine), Dr.S.R Nathan (Mammootty), Jayan (Narein) and Bela (Ramya Krishnan). Deepthi is married to Jayan with a kid. Jayan in his busy schedule unknowingly forgets to look after the needs of Deepthi in the way she wants him to. Deepthi, a girl deprived of the pleasant and colourful childhood still tries to seek it in her married life. She meets Dr.Nathan when she is in a trauma to get some money for the treatment of her ill son. Dr. Nathan, a pure economist and an alcoholic, who sees life only in economic terms, helps her just out of need. He doesn’t have any sort of emotional feeling towards her. He is a person who tries to isoclate himself from all sort of relationships that could exist. Slowly, Deepthi is unknowingly drawn into the magnetic grip of Nathan which she could get from her husband. She starts to love him but, when she comes to know about the mind set of Nathan, she feels cheated and guilty of being into a relationship with Nathan without her husband’s knowledge. There is a cyclone that is created in Deepthi’s innocent mind which forms the rest of the story.

The director Shyamprasad is always expected to do something different. And that has surely been fulfilled in this film. The music by Ousepachan is truly haunting and rings in our ears for a long time. The cameraman Azhagappan has done a wonderful job. The movie is mainly shot indoors in the apartment where the characters stay. The colours used in the film a subtle and pleasing to the eyes. Narein has done his part well though he didn’t actually have much to do. He is an innocent husband. Another strong character is Bela. Ramya Krishnan has come with a strong performance through this character. A character where fate has shown its dark side, yet someone who holds on to life and who gives a moral support to Nathan. Mammootty has as usual come out with a nice performance. He being a senior actor, does not need much explanations here. He has done justice to his character as an alcoholic economist! Meera jasmine steals the show as she plays the central character. Minute details like the movement of the eye, a smile etc convey so much to the audience. She doesn’t have much dialogue. The movie floats on the music and the audience is kept flowing with the music too. Such a concept is purely unacceptable in our society, yet if you look into the innocence of Deepthi, some people may be able to accept her emotions. Anyway, this is a beautiful film one can see…it’s too delicate and fragile…I could personally not accept the concept completely, but as a film its worth watching…all music lovers will have there feet tapping even after hours of the film…
Hats off to Shyam Prasad and Crew.

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