Friday, March 8, 2013

Unto you, my solicit dream,
That forecast, beyond thoughts immersed
Sloping, rather sifting through, those panels to and fro,
Of mild breeze and a dusty storm.

Unto you, my heart lay triumphed,
Delirious, foggy thoughts
You were just here, meant to be, a visible trance.
To be within, not a second a miss throughout my journey.

Destiny, its called, sometimes it ought to be
Thy presence, thoughts, memories, suffocates, chokes my throat,
And I clench to survive,
Breathe hard, look deep, cry aloud.

Yet, unto you, the heart cannot stop,
Every moment passing by, the feelings of the heart
moves ahead miles. Just mine, solicit dream, you still choke,
And I rise within with a free air lifting your spirit so high.

Unto you, my solicit dream,
You may live in me till I leave into ether,
Where our destinies shall meet once again,
Only to live forever more.


Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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