Friday, June 1, 2018

It has never rained so lately,
All drenched and never stopping, 
The platter sounds outside, falling apart in a rhythmic tone,
For Some,melancholy, 
for some, joy.
Memories are brimming and so heavy 
like a sponge soaked, 
alas it would be easy if they could be rinsed off...

It has not rained so lately, 
Like a hailstorm that was silent, waiting to pour down...
And it has come to a drizzle now, but only to rain again...
Melancholic chatter within, it stays like an impression never wanting to fade away...

Joyful thoughts come like a lightening show, 
just a second and then disappear into thee,
Only to pave way for the thunder to strike,
And once again let the rain pour down, like never before, 
So much intense, that it stays within, 
and shall never fade away,
As long as life continues...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The moon drifted ashore, hiding behind clouds..
Prattle-prattle the rain pelted, showering upon the seas...
Trickling dancing droplets of water singing away
The Song of Monsoons!  

The sea waved to and fro,
Slowing mellowing the tides ashore,
The sea then gushed and roared aloud
With the waterfall dancing in all grandeur!

The raindrops then dripped through the lanes and fields
To seep into the mud so thirsty and drained
And leaves drenched green and glazed so bright
Bathed in the sweetness of the rainy shower night!

The rivers flowed plenty and felt mouthful
Crystal clear and with the fresh water bed…
All so colorfully soaked and drizzly drenched
Cooling the soul and reliving the young…! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Emotions stood standstill,
Like the leaves that shall not sway in the mild breeze,
Kissing them tenderly and soft…
The leaves just smiled in all grandeur, grew and then fell…

Happiness engulfed in me, many a times
Sometimes suffocating, sometimes sweetening,
And I stood idle, my pen shall not move,
In the mist of emotions, that left me so confused.

Miracles, my belief always
life taking shape as the  heart whelmed,
Smoothing and sliding through,
Easily, everyday a seeming reality…

And my mind still crunches hard to break
The feelings to words,
Standing still, emotions felt but unexpressed…
And now I shall drift through my thoughts, undying energized.

The aura of being oneself and tinge of delight
Shall waken up my day, full of expectations
Happiness, joy and love, unlimited, Staying throughout,
now expressed, and left to take off and flutter with glee 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Unto you, my solicit dream,
That forecast, beyond thoughts immersed
Sloping, rather sifting through, those panels to and fro,
Of mild breeze and a dusty storm.

Unto you, my heart lay triumphed,
Delirious, foggy thoughts
You were just here, meant to be, a visible trance.
To be within, not a second a miss throughout my journey.

Destiny, its called, sometimes it ought to be
Thy presence, thoughts, memories, suffocates, chokes my throat,
And I clench to survive,
Breathe hard, look deep, cry aloud.

Yet, unto you, the heart cannot stop,
Every moment passing by, the feelings of the heart
moves ahead miles. Just mine, solicit dream, you still choke,
And I rise within with a free air lifting your spirit so high.

Unto you, my solicit dream,
You may live in me till I leave into ether,
Where our destinies shall meet once again,
Only to live forever more.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am a bird,
Caged in this mesh, the mesh of insecurity,
Speculation, disbelief and doubt…

I am a bird,
With many a feathers, feathers that rise,
Fly high, and spread aghast to eternity…

I am a bird,
With a mind to dream, dream of unseen horizons,
Farther lands, the ultimate sky, the deep sea…

I am a bird,
Who wishes to fly, fly so far beyond wonders,
So much to see yet, so much to know…

I am a bird,
Whose feathers have been cut, now strangled,
In this unending mesh, so confused, unable to fly…

I am a bird,
Who wishes to break, break the fog of this choking uncertainty,
A see with my eyes, clear and clean, the world beyond the closed cage…

I am a bird,
Whose thoughts have been blocked,
Blocked in the hurdle of fear and anxiety…

I wish to fly, rise high,
Sing my song aloud, dance my will around,
To be free again, in this big wide world…

The world aghast, once kith n kin
Faces many move around, some foes, some allies
The chains that bind together, now also strangles to death,
And the kith and kin wear the mask of bare cut throat filth n sin.

The nights shadows, as stories said,
The dark is eerie, pitch scary and dead,
The ghosts in the bushes will choke your breath
And tear you apart into pieces, spread flesh, bones and blood…

The stories are not mere tales oh Dear!
The tales have taken life, breathing toxin and nails to tear
It will strangle, smother, throttle, and leave us pushed down, devastated.
And will laugh behind, mocking, as though our hands would not rise up, defeated.

Ah! That is now gone, the days when the mind fails,
As the anger, unjust, disorder, all cumulate and hit the brim of our throat, hail!
We would scream, hands risen, the power now, enormous, the mockers shall fear
the masks shall be torn off, scattered into pieces, those mocking faces, of power, ruthless power…

the young are the silent, silent like the dormant volcano,
erupting shall destroy, together or in bits, the growing injustice,
that is still mounting, like a racing horse, callous rulers with the rider,
Oh You, rulers, shall you realize, the world shall change, and your filthy masks shall be burnt!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

You're my rain that has still not stopped pouring,
pouring down the moving shadows, mellowing, sometimes
heavy, sometimes shallow, drizzling slowly and falling
drops creating ripples, spreading ultimately just disappearing...

You're my breeze that fondles me, embracing all the time
like the wind at the sea shore engulfing the horizon with love
you're just around me, and I breathe you into me,and I just lay behind,
leaving myself so free, to fall into your hands, so safe...

You're my endless dream, of hope and adoration
my prayer everyday to keep me smiling, like the happy flower
that bloomed in the garden, so pretty, mild, and elegant,
only to bloom again, into eternity, of that endless dream...

You're the sunshine of my dreams, that I awaited,
so long, dreaming, feeling, just seeing in front of me...
that presence, so divine, so pure, gripping my thoughts, emotions,
so much close to me, now merged into your love, serenity...

You're my shadow that is still travelling along,
moving with me through my paths, always together,
holding my hands, never separate, so much so inseparable
my shadow just plain and clear, you are me...

Friday, March 2, 2012

My drifting thoughts, once and again,

It drifts, sways to and fro and sometimes

Slips into depths, but I hold them

Back gripping my hold, so soft

And tender, so mild and meager.

My thoughts often wander into contradictions,

So many truths which stay so aghast

In front of me, but my thoughts somehow

Reassure, with a feeling of certainty, the

Non-existence of those contradictions.

The small portion of my mind, holds a dream

So strong and its desire overwhelmed

And I dream, as though in trance and

Chant my words of prayer, so true and wanted

And I feel passion can overcome facts.

In this new phase of my thoughts, the

Newborn aroma and hope, assuring, brings

Me into an avenue of expectations,

Of my prayers just so blissful, and happy

And swaying, now much less than before.

It is as though a flute, singing its music unto me,

Filling me with the hope for that future

That I dreamt, so much and still

A dream that is on the way of fulfillment,

The mind says it all to me, a sense, happiness, hope and desire.


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