Sunday, September 20, 2015

The moon drifted ashore, hiding behind clouds..
Prattle-prattle the rain pelted, showering upon the seas...
Trickling dancing droplets of water singing away
The Song of Monsoons!  

The sea waved to and fro,
Slowing mellowing the tides ashore,
The sea then gushed and roared aloud
With the waterfall dancing in all grandeur!

The raindrops then dripped through the lanes and fields
To seep into the mud so thirsty and drained
And leaves drenched green and glazed so bright
Bathed in the sweetness of the rainy shower night!

The rivers flowed plenty and felt mouthful
Crystal clear and with the fresh water bed…
All so colorfully soaked and drizzly drenched
Cooling the soul and reliving the young…! 



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