Sunday, September 13, 2015

Emotions stood standstill,
Like the leaves that shall not sway in the mild breeze,
Kissing them tenderly and soft…
The leaves just smiled in all grandeur, grew and then fell…

Happiness engulfed in me, many a times
Sometimes suffocating, sometimes sweetening,
And I stood idle, my pen shall not move,
In the mist of emotions, that left me so confused.

Miracles, my belief always
life taking shape as the  heart whelmed,
Smoothing and sliding through,
Easily, everyday a seeming reality…

And my mind still crunches hard to break
The feelings to words,
Standing still, emotions felt but unexpressed…
And now I shall drift through my thoughts, undying energized.

The aura of being oneself and tinge of delight
Shall waken up my day, full of expectations
Happiness, joy and love, unlimited, Staying throughout,
now expressed, and left to take off and flutter with glee 



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