Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is a hallow of air around me,

and moisture filled atmosphere,

through which I breathe and feel

a mellowness of coolness, pampering

cuddling like a soft pillow on me,

The coolness seeps into me like a soft

Sponge filled with sugary sweetness.

Streaks of light, fluorescent and colourful

Purple, orange and blue,

Flickered through my eyelids

And then there was transition of phase,

And lapse in time...

Two drops of tears fell onto my hand,

And wept through the lines of fate

I held your hand tight

the variant lines of fate joined and cracked

as though in fortune and wrinkled.

On the road ahead there were boulders and rocks,

Stones and pebbles

And our lines of fate became stronger,

A suffocation of dependence and then tears again...

Pelted down as though you couldn’t let go...

Then the lights streaked again and there was transition

And change in the path well lain, but tough to climb

We climbed, searching a new destination,

On the peaked mountain,

I remember whispering these words,


“There might be boulders and stones

that roll over from the cliff,

but I will hold you firm throughout the journey

making sure you don't slip a step”

And once again the transient lights flickered,

now waking me up into a confused state,

heavy, yet light, in a state of frenzy, cool,

lightened emotions...

Transience, towards the future, a dream...


The reality forecasted...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The magnitude of thoughts

That randomly swings through my mind

When the aura around me is silent,

And the space around me is vacant.

The vacuum that engulfs the speed of

Thinking, as the emotions rotate

In a motion that is constant, but sometimes

Confused in its own state

A realisation of freedom,

Sudden from thoughts to actions,

Some strings that were tangled up

Just set loose, in a floating mind

Some sounds of inner thoughts,

Longed for the present day

And no one regrets to have this say

To let loose the barriers that confronted once

When the world outside is still the same

A different view to view the same,

It is happiness and liberation

Which makes my thoughts go insane

As words just overflow,

adhering to my passion’s pace

the aura from within cannot stop, but smile

and enrapture itself into the glory of my existence...

As I stepped out to a newer world

Where everything around me seemed alien,

Something that I hoped for,

Wished and waited long for

In the multitude of happiness

That surrounded me, in the forms

Of joyous faces, and clattering voices

Every time my heart sank into the

Ponds of happiness and departure

A feel of letting go,

But that which will come back to me

A sense that I don’t feel like giving up

As I see the faces, those with me since long

Sudden distance, but that would only

Make me closer to them,

I feel the happiness and pain together,

When to see those faces again,

I wait for the time they would come again

In the alien world I am right now,

Would stagnate in its ways of life,

Which I know I should get used to,

As I travel a phase of life from where I was

To a newer world where I should belong to...

Sandal fragrance engulfs the space

I call home, where laughter and smiles

Ponder from one face to another,

And the bangles variant in colour


Chime, and sparkle in the yellow light

The children run hitherto

Blooming in their new attires

With glistening eyes and twinkling smiles

And the home glows with brightness


Dances, and move in the mood of happiness

The bride await in colours

Orange, red, and shades of elegancy

With the smile that blinks inner joy

And gracefully talks with random thoughts


Expects, and await the lovely day forthcoming

The home is then an Eden

That is filled with overflowing joy

And happiness unbound

It is a beginning of a new life, to


Bridge closer and live to entirety.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Entangled in the strings that bound the thinking

Leaving no space for free thought

Suffocation within the mindsets of people

Deriving happiness within the walls of existence

Covered, protected and resistant to break open

To see the brightness in the world outside

The slimy layer that covers the eye lid

Blurs the vision of existing mankind

The meaning of living in a delectate world

Within the happiness that is masked

The world seems to have lost the chime

To smile with an open heart

An open heart seems to be just a phrase

The widening of the economy shrinks

As our people still live in a cocoon

Cocooned in the protective layer

Not able to withstand the subsistence of their fellow beings

Trying to build walls and bridges across,

To keep away happiness at the doorstep

And encourage the happiness inside the cocoon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The years that went past me are now memories

Memories down the lane that are now bygone

Into the threshold of dried leaves and forgotten sonnets

The notes those when played then, had the right tunes


then the strings broke and the tunes died


there was a silence, like the one that spoke no words

but suffocated to speak a lot

and then went days when it was understood

and sometimes forgotten.


then it started to pour

and drizzle not in the land,

but in my mind...it began raining heavily

its not a melancholy that I hear now

its a sweeter one...a sweeter sonnet

the rains sung in their beauty

and for once the melancholy is not heard

the sparkle has entered

and the forgotten sonnet is still forgotten

and I have a new note that sings

merry and joy and love which will not be bygone

down my memory lane...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dedicated to Thiruvananthapuram :)

The fervour of the earthy soil

Smudging softly through my skin

The splatter, the twinkle, and the softness

Of the breeze, flowing from the east,

The fervour of the sun’s rays

Lighting my hair ends, sparkling

The smell which seeps into my lungs

And brings the inner joy

The widening of the joy in my lips

And the drop of rain on my eyelid

The fervour of the rhythmic anklet

Which I had once forsaken

And the screeches of the little creature

Outside my window,

The fervour of the delicacies

Melting in my mouth,

Home it is, the heaven of peace I had longed,

Through the crowd and thickness of time

When sometimes, I forgot to look into the self mirror

To peep into what I am, what I was going through

This moment, had been longed

And the fervour, pure entirety

Will live,


Sunday, April 4, 2010

There is a dark room

I stand drenched, soaked

I tap through the darkness music, void

I can hear the voice, not mine, not yours, but a dead tone.

There is a way to drift away in thoughts,

Soaked, soggy, salted sweet.

The scars that my nails bore into your skin

The blood which stained your wear,


How long can you go blind?

Like the dark room you can see,

But you close your eyes tight,

And walk to hit wrong walls,

Your wear stained

I can hear those words,

Deceptive, I may put it as one,

In that dark room, I still can

Hear void music,


Friday, March 5, 2010

One among the many factors that I don’t understand of the human mind is;

‘The reasoning it gives for the happiness derived from causes that are material but peripheral in nature’.

Let me try to explain this statement with an example. Take into consideration that there is a brightly lit blue coloured glass on a table that is filled with a sparkling liquid [Note: The liquid here is poison]. The aura around the glass is such that one can’t stop looking at it. The factors that tempt one to keep staring at the glass are the colour, the shape, the gloss, the shine and the sparkle in the liquid.

The human mind is so tempted to drink that liquid in the glass only because of the peripheral aura that it creates. The sub conscious mind very well knows that the liquid in it is poison and the end result would be death. Now, in this situation, the mind decides not to take that liquid but the feeling that the entire package looks nice still persists.

I hope I was able to make my point clear. It is so difficult to relate to what the mind thinks at times. And the human mind is the most self defensive tool that it finds reasons for everything that it does.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I walk on crossed roads
With petals many,
Some green, some yellow
And some a mid mix

There are footsteps that tap,
Some fast, some slow,
Some confused and random

I walk on crossed roads,
I can hear people talk,
Some loud, some whisper,
Few it seems like they’ve fallen in love...

I walk alone,
I drift, I sail, I hum,
Random thoughts pass,
Some fast, some slow, some waver,
Along with the mood

I walk on crossed roads
I drift, I sail, I hum...

Friday, February 5, 2010

As the rusty cabins where the soul is held

Gripped and chained like breathless birds

A voice that seems choked and dry

Tries to scream out its words, heavy, but creaked.

As the solemn woods dark and deep

Lay unearthed in the wet soil

The creek sounds of the beetles and hoppers

Streak through the silence in the darkened mellow.

As silence engulfs and suffocates the ears

The creaks that are feeble are heard in fear

Those arms try to break the chains

And burst out into the world of ignorance.

A streak of hope within the soul

That is left empty to be filled in full

There are faces that hide behind armours

Those seem strong and rigid but are just false masks.

The darkness has now swallowed up the ray

And made the vision black and none

The senses are open like alert alarms

But there are confused strings that chain the soul tight.


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