Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sandal fragrance engulfs the space

I call home, where laughter and smiles

Ponder from one face to another,

And the bangles variant in colour


Chime, and sparkle in the yellow light

The children run hitherto

Blooming in their new attires

With glistening eyes and twinkling smiles

And the home glows with brightness


Dances, and move in the mood of happiness

The bride await in colours

Orange, red, and shades of elegancy

With the smile that blinks inner joy

And gracefully talks with random thoughts


Expects, and await the lovely day forthcoming

The home is then an Eden

That is filled with overflowing joy

And happiness unbound

It is a beginning of a new life, to


Bridge closer and live to entirety.



Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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