Saturday, August 28, 2010

Entangled in the strings that bound the thinking

Leaving no space for free thought

Suffocation within the mindsets of people

Deriving happiness within the walls of existence

Covered, protected and resistant to break open

To see the brightness in the world outside

The slimy layer that covers the eye lid

Blurs the vision of existing mankind

The meaning of living in a delectate world

Within the happiness that is masked

The world seems to have lost the chime

To smile with an open heart

An open heart seems to be just a phrase

The widening of the economy shrinks

As our people still live in a cocoon

Cocooned in the protective layer

Not able to withstand the subsistence of their fellow beings

Trying to build walls and bridges across,

To keep away happiness at the doorstep

And encourage the happiness inside the cocoon.



Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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