Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beyond the mesh, of unprecedented lives, and parallel hopes,

A longing that wanted to be,

To hold close to heart forever, when vowed,

Circumstances, had then foreseen the happiness to not to follow.

And then in the mesh of different thoughts, and different life cycles,

Where every human thought is linked with the other,

A deliberate yet silent attempt to bring the future into my hands,

And then the aura of commonness and togetherness took shape.

When the universe just acted in favour, like wishes being granted for granted,

The frequency of thinking and the bond of understanding,

Just sped into like a virus leading to an epidemic

Only to realize, in the forerun, that indeed, an epidemic is a disaster.

Why when all the chains in the mesh were linked so beautifully,

Some didn’t behold the strength, some were coated with beliefs and superstitions,

And those just dominated, to rust away the bond,

and the chain of sudden coincidence was just broken down, alas!

As all the events have a happier ending,

The better end was sought for, where no-one was to be seen upset,

Though the prick lay, wounded, the happiness took a turn

To make a consolation, where happiness had to be deliberate, yet from within.


Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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