Sunday, August 21, 2011

As the fragrance spread through the mildest stroke
Of wind that passed by my side,
I heard the chisel sound of her bangle, slightly dangle
Near my ear, so sweet a song that kept ringing on and on…

And then her voice whispered slight chants of melody
Which spoke like a fragrant lily waiting to drip a drop of honey
On the pathway, down the lane that was spread with
Rose petals, many a colour, red, yellow, pink, and white…

When her hands just crept on to mine, I could notice,
As I gazed into her eyes, which told me stories many,
That her eyes smiled, and chanted few words that only souls could hear
Into a sea of eternity, endless, deep and manifold.

And then, it echoed in my ears, that she was my Lily,
the flower that bloomed in my life, and which stayed afresh
like a sinking fragrance that sank into the depths of my soul
slowly engulfing me into an aroma that sweetened drip by drip
in this sweet laden gift, called life, through which I live now, everyday…

Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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