Tuesday, October 25, 2011

When I look into your eyes, so deep and blue,
I see heavens unfolding and the deep sea,
So calm and silent, and peaceful, just pacing itself
To look at me, into mine, with the twinkle so dear and elating

It feels like the essence of a drop of water that fell drop
From the rose petal, so red and sweet, and
It fell onto my lips that was drenched so dry, only to wet it
With the honey biting sweetness that it held in that drop…

Ahead of me there is a road, where I see my hand held
So tight with yours and the shoulder that I lean on so firm
Like the strands on a peacock feather, so beautiful,
and more beautiful as the rain dances on…

When I look into your eyes, so deep and blue
I see the depths of the emotion that you have for me,
And every second when I hold myself to you,
The eyes that I see seem like the feathers of my angel cuddling me safe…

This elation that you make me feel,
A sense of exuberance into the multitude of happiness
I feel as though my head is floating, in the heaven on earth,
Being in your arms of, the guardian of my life, the angel, you,
The angel of my life…

Sunday, October 16, 2011

And the string broke,

Leaving the note unfinished and half-sung…

So beautiful was the song that was playing

That every ear wanted to hear more of it and enjoy the bliss

And it sung into higher peaks and sometimes went low, but

It always kept singing, as though it would never end…

And I was floating in that slenderness feeling overwhelmed

Yet everything was just to fall and break like a brittle glass…

And the pieces scattered so wide and away

And I walked over it, only for my feet to bleed and fill the floor with

My passion of love, red,

It slaughtered into the depths of pain that my mind could hold

Repetition was just repeating, and I never got the answer to

Why only pain was following me, bereavement,

I wished the song could replay…replay in my ears till I die…

Alas, the string is broken, yet an unsung song, may it replay…

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She came just like a drizzle on a summer morn,

to soggen me, the parched and dry.

Her eyes would drip honey dew like

some very sweet song I was waiting to hear.

And her song would engulf me into a stance of unending joy,

colourless and subtle.

Her words just spoke about togetherness, where I was there throughout

In every utterance she made and my ears just longed to listen to Her,

her magic in the voice she gave just that way she joined my Odyssey

into the journey of eternal love

and my minds hands gently held hers firm promising

never to let go of the angel.

She never lamented over anything uneasy,

her eyes only twinkled with love that seemed never ending.

Her movements and pace just kept me smiling, only until a disturbing

knot began to strangle us together.

The bonds that bound were too hard to break

and I was motionless in that multitude of emotions.

I saw her weep in the depths of her sorrows where her heart was aching

as though it was smothered

I just stood stone like, in between my life, myself and her

and in the distance I saw, I saw her walk away,

Alas! leaving my journey of eternal love, Alas! leaving...my odyssey..

The street that lay in front of me, lay stretched

Into a foray of dreams that seemed unreasonable

And then the twinkling sparkles of thoughts

Dwindled within to tell me those dreams may be real.

In the wake of the hour when all seemed blue and hazy

In my vision, when all the things I could see only blurred and faded

Into some distance that I could not see

And then went away into a diminishing street that lay in front of me

Some thoughts that crossed my mind were just so reassuring

And some were pricking like thorns inside.

It was another myriad of a dream that seemed

Shaky and unreal, yet a hope that remained so tight inside

There was no one in sight in front,

The street that I was travelling suddenly became empty and

I walked alone with no one beside, and it was like a trance,

a state that I never wanted to feel, yet I was forced to undergo.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In this sunny bright morning,
When the rays of the sun just drop into my room through the
Panelled window on my left,
I can see sprinkles of colourful dust falling through them…

And the slight breeze, warm and stroking me with the slight heat
I feel like a floating petal on the bowl filled with water
The coolness beneath me makes me even happier in this breezy day
The breezy day of the heated sun

As I see a chilled glass of extracts, so sugary and sweet
And waiting to be gulped by me,
The tongue tingling juice just drips into me and I take it in
Feeling so overwhelmed and enthusiastic of the coolness that is spread in me

And the sun, just doesn’t seem to hide away,
He just shows how much he wants to be here, just be with
And not leave, and there he gives all that he can
In full amounts, just bright, skin scorching heat…but, that in his eyes, affection!

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