Tuesday, October 4, 2011

She came just like a drizzle on a summer morn,

to soggen me, the parched and dry.

Her eyes would drip honey dew like

some very sweet song I was waiting to hear.

And her song would engulf me into a stance of unending joy,

colourless and subtle.

Her words just spoke about togetherness, where I was there throughout

In every utterance she made and my ears just longed to listen to Her,

her magic in the voice she gave just that way she joined my Odyssey

into the journey of eternal love

and my minds hands gently held hers firm promising

never to let go of the angel.

She never lamented over anything uneasy,

her eyes only twinkled with love that seemed never ending.

Her movements and pace just kept me smiling, only until a disturbing

knot began to strangle us together.

The bonds that bound were too hard to break

and I was motionless in that multitude of emotions.

I saw her weep in the depths of her sorrows where her heart was aching

as though it was smothered

I just stood stone like, in between my life, myself and her

and in the distance I saw, I saw her walk away,

Alas! leaving my journey of eternal love, Alas! leaving...my odyssey..



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