Sunday, October 16, 2011

And the string broke,

Leaving the note unfinished and half-sung…

So beautiful was the song that was playing

That every ear wanted to hear more of it and enjoy the bliss

And it sung into higher peaks and sometimes went low, but

It always kept singing, as though it would never end…

And I was floating in that slenderness feeling overwhelmed

Yet everything was just to fall and break like a brittle glass…

And the pieces scattered so wide and away

And I walked over it, only for my feet to bleed and fill the floor with

My passion of love, red,

It slaughtered into the depths of pain that my mind could hold

Repetition was just repeating, and I never got the answer to

Why only pain was following me, bereavement,

I wished the song could replay…replay in my ears till I die…

Alas, the string is broken, yet an unsung song, may it replay…



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