Sunday, June 22, 2008

The bridges of emotions standing front
Blocking the paths of my transparent passion
Realizing unimportance that was serving me all while
Yet I let my emotions float…
Through the rough paths, always miles.

Those naked facts strangling me
Passing by my face so sharply clear
It tore the veins of my passion’s dream
Yet I let my emotions float…
in the river of repeated ignorance

Hopes that befriend me are tireless
Hurts and pains abound me to the deepest
Expectations confront me in the path of existence
Yet I let my emotions float…
even in the solitary solitude of tears…

Open arms spread abroad for an embrace to give you
Blowing my frizzy hair in the morning air
Never would thy come to me I know
Yet I let my emotions float…
In the decrepit creak of expectations…

Words that my pen scribbles on about you
Disguises its way of feeling of what it actually means
But my hands stagger if I write ill about you
Yet I let my emotions float…
through the serene pages of the book of love and only love…

Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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