Tuesday, October 28, 2008

There was an article regarding the punishment for suicide. I too agree with the view that a suicide attempt should not be penalized or punished. An attempt to suicide is just an instinctive decision of the mind. When one thinks of killing her/him self, it is their own decision. A failed attempt would lead to only depression to the individual and an extra approach to punish the same would only lead to more mental problems.

Monday, October 27, 2008

How does it feel when you are in the brim of finishing your graduation and the options for a good future and selection of the best area for the future is still a glaring question mark in front of you…?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It lead me into a room that was dark
And eerie
And looked like havens arena
Notes of music, salsa-ing and balae dancing
In the ball room of my mind
The plaintive tunes went high and low
And moved to and fro
Glimmers of light lit up and blinked
And it let the music flow still
Into the glassy ocean of innocence

The keys black and white when
I played it sensuously
It led me into a room of
Fantasizing dreams and colorful

Like the dead ends when a music note
Finishes playing … it echoed with all mite
In the ears that longed for thirsty drops
In a quenching heart.
I held a brittle glass piece in my hands
It gleamed towards the sight in front of me
And there were few drops of water in it.
I could see some visuals clear, and some disfigured
Through the water droplets
Yet, I realized that the clarity through the glass
was indeed fake or mediated.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some nights feel dead. The creatures squeaking outside seem to be in a whisper now. It’s not always welcomed. I mean this kind of emptiness. Even if there is rain, today it felt like a dirty rain. Something went wrong in some place. An awkward feeling, it doesn’t feel so nice. Some feeling that has to go unidentified in the bluish lavender strand of life.

When the blank document page in front of me still stays blank and stares at me with gleaming white, there is something that goes unwritten. White is peace, but here, white means blankness, a sudden emptiness. Yes, sometimes, feelings or mood drops! It drops with a jerk in the mind, that it goes unnoticed or rather unidentified. Rage complimented by fear, anger anguish all come and go by in through this time.

It is an unexpressed thought, something or maybe I questioning myself.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life's a stance....its like moments passing away unknown, and letting feelings stride away even though you know ur not feeling the way you should....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The days yesterdays were soothened dreams
that fluttered and swung on the
flower laden swings of sweetest
hopes and enlightening wishes.

The days yesterdays were petals blooming
to sing aloud the joyous tunes
of love, lust and anger
that twinkled with laughter like
the many ripples on a puddle of emotions

The days yesterdays were the pages of a book
kept for scribbling down memories
that swayed and flashed and for some which stayed engraved
to be re-read and remembered while
passing through the unwindening turns
in the never ending road of the journey of life...

The days yesterdays,
often had promises kept untold and secrets shared
with a foam of soothness that
lathered on the layer of happiness, love, friendship and care...

The days yesterdays,
will have pencil marks that may be erased off
in the deeper course of the journey,
and engravings that would
remain bold in the depths of expectations and remembrances....

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