Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some nights feel dead. The creatures squeaking outside seem to be in a whisper now. It’s not always welcomed. I mean this kind of emptiness. Even if there is rain, today it felt like a dirty rain. Something went wrong in some place. An awkward feeling, it doesn’t feel so nice. Some feeling that has to go unidentified in the bluish lavender strand of life.

When the blank document page in front of me still stays blank and stares at me with gleaming white, there is something that goes unwritten. White is peace, but here, white means blankness, a sudden emptiness. Yes, sometimes, feelings or mood drops! It drops with a jerk in the mind, that it goes unnoticed or rather unidentified. Rage complimented by fear, anger anguish all come and go by in through this time.

It is an unexpressed thought, something or maybe I questioning myself.



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