Saturday, December 27, 2008

This month was entirely tiresome and thinking about the work and experience, I sometimes re-think as to if it was me who really was busy the entire month. Everything started off with the print media internship. It was all uncertain when a translation assignment was entitled for us. Late, we came to know that it was a silent entrance into the next stage of the internship. In seven days, I got to be the part of the media cell at International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). The work was good and got one of the best experiences. The thirteen days at the festival was heck lot of work plus fun. We had to do press releases and by the end of the third day, it was all becoming easy. Got to see some good films too, of which two dominant ones are Kini and Adams (Idrissa Ouedraggo) and My Marlon and Brando (Huseyin Karabey). Another one which struck me was Free Zone(Amos Gitai) for its first scene of a lady crying. The song is still ringing in my ears. The second last day ended with a sweet sour note. The treat at Saahi Darbar was delicious but the girls in the team had to undergo a minor accident. Yes as I said it was minor. But how would you feel when you come to know that the driver was drunk??? And that too when some people at the festival knew he was and they sent us with him? Bad huh! Yeah! That’s exactly how I felt too. That anyway went with the wind though we tried to swirl it up. One more fact that I realized is that professional friends remain for the time being. And this time also I had few ‘time being’ friends. It was a good experience anyhow.
I had seen Vaaranam Aayiram, Tamil movie by Gautham Vasudev Menon before joining the internship. I loved this movie. I went to see it again. It has done well at the box office and is still running in theatres here. Though the movie is kind of filled with impractical incidents, the fantasy of making one happy through impracticality has been applied well. Hats off to Harris Jayaraj for the wonderful music; All the songs are staying live in me specially Nenjukul Peidhidum, Mundhinam and Annul Maele.

The travel daily up and down is a good experience. Thiruvananthapuram is a normal city and I have always found it normal while I live here. But I seriously miss the place while I am at my native. The journey back from native to the city (which is just 2 hours by bus) is one I enjoy everytime. All the places seen again and again does not make me tired of seeing it again. The closeness I feel with the city when the bus pulls into the bus stand and move to my home makes me chant the words “Oh God…Thiruvananthapuram, the City I love”.

Not having much commitments in life, being born to a wonderful dad and mom I have had the privilege of living a tension free, independent life. Now being a final year student, life is beginning to take serious turns. I have started to think about the future courses and the like. But these tensions get a temporary full stop (.) or a semi colon (;) let’s say, when I get thoughts about the upcoming college tour.

Till last week, the evenings were rainy and cozy, and I used to feel romantic, but today its not all the same. The weather is too hot and not a musical one. so I have no romantic thoughts to be jotted down here. Yes I did think of my love (No people, I haven’t found him yet, but imaginations can be let loose) holding my hand and walking with me. that too lame to be romantic?

One Saturday evening and these are some thoughts that went through my mind. I am also looking forward my hostel life that’s going to begin on January 1st. Oh yes that reminds me of the New Year. Sometimes I have felt celebrations have started to take a reverse turn. Well Anyway, Happy New Year all !!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I feel like being alone in a theatre and listening to my favourite instrumental music......all alone......

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