Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dedicated to Thiruvananthapuram :)

The fervour of the earthy soil

Smudging softly through my skin

The splatter, the twinkle, and the softness

Of the breeze, flowing from the east,

The fervour of the sun’s rays

Lighting my hair ends, sparkling

The smell which seeps into my lungs

And brings the inner joy

The widening of the joy in my lips

And the drop of rain on my eyelid

The fervour of the rhythmic anklet

Which I had once forsaken

And the screeches of the little creature

Outside my window,

The fervour of the delicacies

Melting in my mouth,

Home it is, the heaven of peace I had longed,

Through the crowd and thickness of time

When sometimes, I forgot to look into the self mirror

To peep into what I am, what I was going through

This moment, had been longed

And the fervour, pure entirety

Will live,




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