Sunday, August 29, 2010

As I stepped out to a newer world

Where everything around me seemed alien,

Something that I hoped for,

Wished and waited long for

In the multitude of happiness

That surrounded me, in the forms

Of joyous faces, and clattering voices

Every time my heart sank into the

Ponds of happiness and departure

A feel of letting go,

But that which will come back to me

A sense that I don’t feel like giving up

As I see the faces, those with me since long

Sudden distance, but that would only

Make me closer to them,

I feel the happiness and pain together,

When to see those faces again,

I wait for the time they would come again

In the alien world I am right now,

Would stagnate in its ways of life,

Which I know I should get used to,

As I travel a phase of life from where I was

To a newer world where I should belong to...


salu said...

To the bride alien world is full of surprises and anxities...and that overcomes when she is used to .... but i think the spirit lies when we keep up the enthusiasm of life through out.... even in midst of chaos.... each day is new!

I like the new bride's thoughts.



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