Sunday, April 25, 2010

The years that went past me are now memories

Memories down the lane that are now bygone

Into the threshold of dried leaves and forgotten sonnets

The notes those when played then, had the right tunes


then the strings broke and the tunes died


there was a silence, like the one that spoke no words

but suffocated to speak a lot

and then went days when it was understood

and sometimes forgotten.


then it started to pour

and drizzle not in the land,

but in my began raining heavily

its not a melancholy that I hear now

its a sweeter one...a sweeter sonnet

the rains sung in their beauty

and for once the melancholy is not heard

the sparkle has entered

and the forgotten sonnet is still forgotten

and I have a new note that sings

merry and joy and love which will not be bygone

down my memory lane...


Anonymous said...

nice one friend...

Pranavam Ravikumar said...

Very Nice Work


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