Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can feel the ecstasy of your breath,
Just so close to myself, as though the fog
Gently dripping into the misty dream of sweet love
Your hands so firm in mine, and held with a grip
That promises it all,

In the showery evening, when the rain drops gently fall
Beside me, as though wanting me to drench myself into you,
And when we lither into the depths of an unending bond,
Holding us so tight and binding us with the chains of emotions, so secure
That no breaks can break the relationship we share.

I can feel the smothering exuberance of plentiful love,
Just surrounding me and drifting through the days of my life
And giving it a meaning it never had, making me smile everyday,
And I feel speechless, when we are so secure with ourselves,
In this sweet laden life, of delicacies, fragrance, honey and love.

Love, like it never was, overpowering the self that I had,
Into a multitude of dreams, once forecasted, sometimes forgotten
Often wanted to be remembered…
Now it all just comes into this array of never ending sweetness,
And I want to float like this, seamlessly, never wanting to let go,
Let go of you…



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