Thursday, August 21, 2008

June 5th 2007
Walking from my home to my college, there is a long route. That route is adorned with huge green trees. The trees occupied one half of the road. Along the ‘tree road’ the rain water splashed…when we walked by it, the footprints lay behind. The road beside was congested, yet, no one seemed to have trouble driving there. I never took an umbrella during the summer. It was always cool under the leafy shelter. The large avenue took us to the broad world of knowledge vivacious with its natural beauty. The mere presence of green was the driving force of any student of my college.

June 5th 2008

Walking from my home to college, there is still a long route. The route is now adorned with metal fences and concreted roads. The trees were all sent off and I had to even witness the farewell. The road now seems even busier. The traffic does not seem to have reduced. The rain water never waited for us to leave the footprints ‘coz concrete does not absorb water. I can see saplings being planted but, how many more years will it take for those to be grown into trees.
My bag is always heavy, be it summer or rainy season, I have an umbrella with me. The natural umbrella that was once there, is now nothing but just a part of sweet lost memories. Now like the concreted college, all our thoughts have become or started to become solid. There is no inner driving force to speed up our minds. Its only if we think to make up, we can.

Oh dear trees, which adorned the college route…. I miss you so much…. I everyday wish I had passed out of college long before you were being betrayed by the same species who planted you there.


Reethu said...

hey winz...the last few lines..Oh dear trees...

well even i felt the same.seriosuly.Written really well.Woow.I wish i could write...

NISHA said...

Nice winnie. This is the same happening everywhere. Sometimes it does break your heart to se it. It may take many years...but the best we can do is to plant trees ourselves

Winnie Panicker said...

thanks [:)]


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