Thursday, July 5, 2007

“Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way”.

Nothing on earth is impossible in the present era. Man is said to be a social being, creative genius and a thinking animal. No other living organism has been blessed with so many characteristics. It has always been man who created things out of existing things and it has always been man destroying the very same things made! If man decides something must be done then, he can surely do it, apart he puts his maximum effort into it!

Well friends let us think of a CLEAN INDIA. The thought of such a situation right now would seem a little bit impossible, but actually is it so? No! It is absolutely not! As said earlier, where there is a will, there is a way. Keeping in mind the busy schedule of the people in the country, we cannot expect all of us going around and cleaning the country! There are simpler ways to implement this. Making the “duty” lighter, we just have to focus on our own home. Just that little piece of land where in we stay! First of all, take a look around your home. It might be scrambled with grass, plastic, and useless household items. Well, that’s what I find around my home! Staying in a rented house, we obviously have limitations! All that we should do is to clean the area around our home…and I mean it…just clean our own home and not our neighbors! Well, what other idea can be simpler than this? Neighbors would clean their own homes. And when all the homes in a ward a clean, one whole ward in a city is clean! And like that, all wards in a city can be cleaned. When all the wards in the city are clean, a whole Panchayat would be clean and when all the Panchayats are clean, one whole district is clean. And as you know, when all districts are clean, the state is clean…and when the state is clean, the country is clean! And there we are! Our mission possible!!!

Well, the question as to where to dump the waste materials will surely arise. For this the government should adopt better methods for waste management. This too can go through the same process! If we manage the waste of our own “little” home, then the whole process would follow. Getting accustomed to nuclear families, the thought of managing a home with a maximum of four members is not that much a difficult task. Anyways, here I cannot forget mentioning the use of plastics. It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but practice makes a man perfect! Start practicing and in due course of time we will be happy with what we are doing to the society! If we could run with our feet and talk flawlessly with our tongue, which was indeed gained only through practice and practice here means the experience that we went through, all the time “unknowingly”!!! When we get used to using paper bags always, we may surprisingly in the end find it difficult to shift to plastic!

Dear friends, every thing that would lead to a developed country depends on how the people of the country love their country. So, if we need to love our country, we need to love our home first. If dedicated love starts from our own homes, then we would be proud to say that we belong to the completely Clean India! And this indirectly would surely reduce the number of deaths and diseases occurring due to the unclean surroundings! So dear friends! The future of our nation lies just at your minds view! Start loving your home and end up in the result where in the Country would love you!!!


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