Saturday, February 16, 2013

I am a bird,
Caged in this mesh, the mesh of insecurity,
Speculation, disbelief and doubt…

I am a bird,
With many a feathers, feathers that rise,
Fly high, and spread aghast to eternity…

I am a bird,
With a mind to dream, dream of unseen horizons,
Farther lands, the ultimate sky, the deep sea…

I am a bird,
Who wishes to fly, fly so far beyond wonders,
So much to see yet, so much to know…

I am a bird,
Whose feathers have been cut, now strangled,
In this unending mesh, so confused, unable to fly…

I am a bird,
Who wishes to break, break the fog of this choking uncertainty,
A see with my eyes, clear and clean, the world beyond the closed cage…

I am a bird,
Whose thoughts have been blocked,
Blocked in the hurdle of fear and anxiety…

I wish to fly, rise high,
Sing my song aloud, dance my will around,
To be free again, in this big wide world…


Copyright 2010 Winnie's.

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