Friday, March 5, 2010

One among the many factors that I don’t understand of the human mind is;

‘The reasoning it gives for the happiness derived from causes that are material but peripheral in nature’.

Let me try to explain this statement with an example. Take into consideration that there is a brightly lit blue coloured glass on a table that is filled with a sparkling liquid [Note: The liquid here is poison]. The aura around the glass is such that one can’t stop looking at it. The factors that tempt one to keep staring at the glass are the colour, the shape, the gloss, the shine and the sparkle in the liquid.

The human mind is so tempted to drink that liquid in the glass only because of the peripheral aura that it creates. The sub conscious mind very well knows that the liquid in it is poison and the end result would be death. Now, in this situation, the mind decides not to take that liquid but the feeling that the entire package looks nice still persists.

I hope I was able to make my point clear. It is so difficult to relate to what the mind thinks at times. And the human mind is the most self defensive tool that it finds reasons for everything that it does.


pinkz said...

gud thought, i liked the way u wrote it...... could have expanded more :-)


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