Saturday, January 24, 2009

How does it feel when you watch the first show of a very sought after movie on the first day of its release? Great right? Yes, if you are a movie buff, then you would surely feel the same. Slumdog Millionaire (Slumdog Crorepati in India) was and is in the news air since quite a few days. Having in its pocket ten Oscar nominations, it really created awe in the minds of movie enthusiasts. It was the media that welcomed the movie on the first day of its release in Thiruvananthapuram. Majority of the viewers were from the media including professionals and students.
The movie inspired from the novel Q & A by Vikas Swarup travels through the experiences faced by Jamal, a boy brought up by the slum, now a participant in the program ‘Who will be the Millionaire’, his brother Salim and an orphan girl Latika. The director Danny Boyle was has been able to successfully portray the slum of Mumbai effectively. The cinematography, editing, background music score all need equal appreciation. Music was used with optimum variation in situations that required it.
The film has an equal mix of an entertainer, with strong love, feet tapping songs, and scenes of tension.
We Indians can surely hope for the music score to win an Oscar. Being nominated for it is already an achievement. Like all of you, I am also waiting for February 22nd which now keeps me holding on to hopes for the Indian cinema to achieve better horizons.


gargi said...

i respecfully disagree with ur review of slumdog, have u ever travelled to any slums of india?how do u know that danny boyle has portrayed it effectively?

Winnie Panicker said...

The film as a visual experience has been portrayed well.


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