Sunday, January 27, 2008


After a few months gap, director Blessy has come up with a promising new film, Calcutta News. Unlike his usual films which are family based, this is a very moving and fast movie. Majority of the film being shot in Calcutta gives it liveliness and energy. It is mainly shot outdoors.

A continuous blue tone has been used for the film which helps the film to have a documentary effect. The film can be called as a ‘film inside a film’ wherein the main story is being portrayed as a story taken by the hero Ajith (Dileep) a journalist and reporter of Calcutta news channel. Featuring the ‘shadows’ of Calcutta, the movie has succeeded in showing the ills and the malpractices in the city. Holding nothing unreal, the film is full of facts.

The female character played by Meera Jasmine steals the show. She has once again presented a marvelous onscreen presence and dedication in acting. Dileep has improved in the acting style and the hair style change has helped him to have a completely different look. One point worth mentioning is the transition shots. The transitions have been done so uniquely that the audience can get the real flow of the film.

The music score also has importance and the slow and melodious music is soothing for the ears. The love between the main characters has also been portrayed well. In some scenes, violence is even depicted by silence.
Cinematography by S.Kumar needs a big clap and the editing work has also been done superbly. The movie used more of documentary type shots.
The director has succeeded in keeping the audience rooted. The film has suspense, facts, love and thriller scenes.
The other characters of the film include Innocent, Bindu Panicker, Indrajith, etc.
This is a sure box- office hit and worth your money. So don’t miss it!!!



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