Monday, September 3, 2007

->Theme suggested by ---->HARI<---- my friend<-

She chirped on the window pane
With her tiny feathers flapping light
Sweet and small did she look
Delight twinkled in her eyes always

She sat on my window every dawn
With her melodious enchanting voice
Did she wake me up daily
No alarm did I need, for she was there for me

I used to long to hear her, everyday
But, one day I shew her away
Alas! She never comes now
Her melody never wakes me up anymore

Dear, my heart wants to speak to you
You were my silent friend
Someone who always remained in my thoughts
You were so dear to me…


PJJ said...

Dear Winnie,
I reading your poems after a gap. I have noticed new theames and more frank portrayals. Turning poem into a thought generating metaphor. However the child within you is still there with all its wonder filled mind and innocence.

I enjoyed reading your poems and its freshness.
Best regards,
PJJ Antony
Jubail, saudi Arabia


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